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I really see any government hiring at a minimum to keep at workable operational levels. A lot of early buyouts, less specialized units, and more work for everyone else. Nationwide there will be a huge gap for routine vehicle maintenance and other essential items such as gas. It is going to be downright scary in the next few years for anyone in law enforcement. Like many of us on this board I am mid-career, and we might be seeing the return of the bad times of the late 60's an 70's where LEO's had to pay for bare essentials in order to go 10-8 and the level of violence increased. I have ten years left in order to be eligible for retirement (25 at 50 for Feds) and have to return to California next year for family reasons (parent's are getting old and want to enjoy my time with them)

Guys, I wish everyone on this board to come home safe after every shift, and for everyone starting a career, good luck with the process and hope you all make it to the finish line. If you want to stay in Cali, get hired with whatever agency gives you a job and see where you can go after you are past probation.
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