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Originally Posted by Hillbillly
Hey Schotted

Will sounds like you got a great deal too.
How long ago was that?
And was it $600 Out the door including delivery and the other goodies I listed above?
Also, most safes I looked at that are fire rate in this price range had a fire rating of only 1200 degrees for 30 minutes.

Good luck on the build I am still waitting on my lowers.
It was many years ago..maybe 13 or14? The wife got it for me for an anniversary present. I know she paid under $700 out the door. Blue Star Arms is the make. Not sure of the fire rating, but it's got the sheet rock inside. Picked it up myself in my pick-em-up truck. One note,(I can laugh about it now), as we were trying to get it in the door of the house, her pushing, me pulling with it on a refrigerator dolly, it hit the threshold of the doorway. The wheels stopped, the safe didn't. The last thing I remember was trying to turn and run...not quick enough. Result? Broken ankle. The dolly just clipped that bone that sticks out of the side of your ankle. OUCH! Anyway, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, it hurt so much. A trip to the emergency room and then crutches. No fun, so if you can swing a delivery, go for it.
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