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Originally Posted by socalguns
Geez man, the price is listed as
$999.00 Shipped Price
Shipped is the same as out the door, meaning tax included.
Hi Socal

I can see where you are mis-interpeting this.
They have it as $999.00 shipped on their site.

However if you look at the bottom you would see that this price does not include Tax as many people buy from them who reside outside of Cali.
And those people do not need to pay California tax but should report it as sales tax to their state providing they dont live in a non tax state like Nevada, but sales inside California they need to collect tax for our great state.
Patriot safes tax.JPG
This is a requirement of all vendors in any state to collect tax if items/services are sold with in the state they are licensed and it is a sales tax state.

So if you lived outside of California you would pay $999 shipped, but in California you would pay $999.00 plus tax = about $1072

So let me know how it is going with your comparisons, did you talk to the guys at Patriot?
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