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Originally Posted by Hillbillly
Hello All

I have been looking into buying a safe for a few weeks and was lucky enough to come across some great guys here in California. I want to make sure I have all my legal lowers and uppers in a Legal Safe in case I get a visit in the future .

Patriot has some amazing safes (great material and incredible fire protection 1880 degrees for 1 hour!) I asked them if they had an interest in providing safes for a group buy and if they could give us a great deal.

Today they have agreed that if we can get 5-10 members in a group buy they would do the following for their 3 top selling safes. (“Closet”, “Protector”, “Collector”)

You need to contact them directly and tell them your from the group buy by giving them this code “Cal Gun Safes”

When we get 5-10 orders with them they will give us;
Additional 10% off their sale price that they are advertising on their website.
Free Delivery = $120 - $200 Value
Free digital lock (x-2400) = $299 Value – Also uses coded keys to override if needed
Free Additional Fire Lock Box made by Brinks - $50.00 Value

The “out the door prices with the additions above” are;
“Closet” (up to 20 guns) = $972.00 TOTAL OTD!!!!!!
“Protector” (up to 24 guns) = $1162.00 TOTAL OTD!!!!!!
“Collector” (up to 28 guns) = $1550.00 TOTAL OTD!!!!!!

OK So who will be the 4 other guys that can join me on this deal??

Looks ok I guess, but when I got my fire proof safe, it was about $600. Weighs 525 lbs. There's a place that advertises in the Daily News. You might want to give them a call before you make a decision. I can't find their ad at the moment, but I'll look for it and email you with their number. I'm getting very close to ordering my parts kit from M&A parts, inc. Their prices went down in the latest Shotgun News. I think I'll go for a Vietnam era look-a-like.
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