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Originally Posted by Crazed_SS View Post
What did you use to take the pics? I would think any modern smartphone can take pics with more than enough detail.

I used my Google Pixel on default settings which takes like 12.3MP (~4000 x 3000 pixels) photos. I didnt resize them at all, so they are MASSIVE. If someone is viewing them on a computer screen, you can see extreme detail.

my Saiga and WASR serial numbers look they were scrawled on by a drunken Eastern European guy with a rusty awl. They are still very legible with such hi-res photos though.
I used my Iphone, the original pictures were fine from the phone. It was my fault when I resized them. I tried to make them small as possible. I resubmitted the better pictures four weeks ago and didn't get any rejections back since. I hope they went through.
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