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Originally Posted by BonnieB View Post
I watched a documentary about Walmart last night and got really jumpy. Now, don't get excited, this is not a Walmart-bash. It's a parking lot bash.

I made this separate thread because I think it's slightly different from the wonderful Mrs Kitty carjacking thread.

There was a whole segment on how people are carjacked, kidnapped, assaulted, you name it. And that's after the victim has spent her money inside. Apparently, they mostly try to grab you when you're loading your car and getting back in.

The documentary made points about parking your car pretty far away from the door, so that no one can sneak up on you. Parking close to other cars seems to be the greatest risk. So, if I deliberated parked far away from the door, and came out to see two cars parked right next to mine, I call security right? Too soon for 911 because there's no threat?

Before anyone asks, I've applied for a CCW, but don't have the license yet.

Apparently, stores mainly use the parking lot cameras to detect union activities out there, if they monitor the cameras at all. At worst, they are used to identify the BG's who raped and killed you.

I go to Walmart (again, not bashing them in particular), for ammo about once a month. I don't like to shop there for much else. I only go there in broad daylight, park in a separate but not lonely area, never with guns in the car, and am highly cautious. What better victim than a middle aged, middle class lady with lots of ammo which probably means a decent car and a gun or two.

It's making me jumpy enough that I want to bring a friend with me the next time I go, to stand by the door, see me safely into my car, and then I'll go pick her/him up. It's also making me jumpy enough to pay the extra buck or two per box and buy ammo at my local gun dealer or range.

What do you all think? These parking lots seem to be "boutique shops" for carjackers seeking a victim. What else can we do to keep safe in these idiot parking lots?
Park close to the entrance, near help if it is needed. At night park under a bright lamp and if possible in view of security cameras, where criminals can be seen. Finally, if you're alone, ask the cashier for help out to your car.

Originally Posted by NRA spends more money in CA than it takes in from here. Please stop spreading misinformation.
Read the full post about NRA activities in CA here.
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