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Default Help Mike Baryla get on the NRA Board Of Directors Ballot!

Many of you guys know me from the store or Cal-FFL. I am running for NRA Board of Directors. I need 250 Signatures from NRA life members or 5 year consecutive annual members. The petition is available at . Please sign it and either mail or bring it in to the store. I need original signatures. If you can get a few from friends and family that will also be appreciated.

To My Fellow NRA Members and 2nd Amendment Supporters,

My name is Michael Baryla, I reside in Tracy, CA and I need your help to be elected to the NRA Board of Directors. If you have been an annual member for at least five consecutive years or are a life member I ask you sign this petition so that I can be put on the ballot.

As a long time California resident I have a deep respect and admiration for the beauty of our state. I also have a significant distaste for the current political climate. As the owner of a retail firearm store, Tracy Rifle and Pistol, not only are local politicians threatening my natural firearm rights but my livelihood as well.
I have been a long time member of where I go by PolishMike and I helped found Cal-FFL, an organization that fights for California based Federal Firearms Licensees. I am currently the treasurer of Cal-FFL. In the short time we have existed we have made several important strides in protecting the 2nd amendment in California.

Among other things we have:

Played an integral part in defeating SB249 that would have made millions of rifles owned in California illegal to posses

Petitioned the Office of Administrative Law to rule the CA DOJís Assault Weapons Permit application process is an underground regulation

Sued Alameda County for civil rights violations relating to zoning of firearms businesses

As a NRA director I would continue to keep Californiansí rights in at the front of everything I do. I am not an Actor, I am not famous, but I am very in tune with the threats against the Second Amendment nationwide and especially in California.

Please go to to download a petition to fill out. You can bring it to Tracy Rifle and Pistol or mail to:
2726 Naglee Rd
Tracy, CA 95304

. Please remember only life members and annual members with 5 consecutive uninterrupted years of membership are eligible to sign this petition. All others can vote for me in February.
Thank You

Michael A. Baryla
Tracy Rifle and Pistol
7601 W 11th St
Tracy Ca 95304
209 833-9100
For sales Questions please email

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