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Can we compile a list of anti 2A businesses to avoid and make it a sticky? Wait, that list may be too long. . . A list of pro 2A business as a sticky? Or both

There are the vendors on here which I click through the links on this site to get to (obviously pro 2A). But companies with products in other industries that may not be as obvious.

For example, now YETI is a company who I choose to no longer purchase products from. That would be on a 'no buy/no business' list on a sticky. Along with BofA for their recent business decisions, also under 'no buy/no business' list.

Also have a link or citation about each business showing their anti american business decision. The aforementioned YETI could be followed by a link to the NRA site that clearly states they have cut ties with the NRA.

I think this would put our collective power as consumers to use. We could have our voices heard, and our money heard louder.
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