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Originally Posted by POLICESTATE View Post
How about that SEUI union and their communist connections? Yeah there we go:

Yeah! Workers of the world unite!

I know not all unions have Marxist associations, but that SEUI is certainly a union a free country could do without.
You are falling into the trap of the antis and people who with who you don't agree. The antis are truly smarter than the average gun owner who is more concerned with being "right" than winning.

I simply pointed out how the groups who almost every gun owner says loves to run things do it and people spend all their energy attacking the message of their enemy instead of examining how they are handing their head to them. Just because you study and know your enemy does not mean you agree with their message. In fact, that is a requirement to beating them.

We need to be better organized, that is the bottom line. Any gun owner who does not pull in this fight is against us and we need to let them know that.

What does every group who people say run things have in common? They are organized. They kill dissension from with in. They force people in their groups to work with them. They are not "individuals". When I was in the Army I had a problem with the group think and rules because at heart I am an individual but I understand how humans work. We need to organize or band together or we loose to those who do.

So gun owners who don't pull your weight, you are either with us or against us. Your either a fighter or a freeloader who rolls over and takes it.

I always ask the gun owners who complain the most the same question. What do you do about it? They almost always say nothing. Those groups who most people here hate don't take that answer from their peers. It's not just unions. I used them as one example because I knew people here would fall right into my trap.

Originally Posted by Wherryj View Post
I am a physician. I am held to being "the expert" in medicine. I can't fall back on feigned ignorance and the statement that the patient should have known better than I. When an officer "can't be expected to know the entire penal code", but a citizen is held to "ignorance is no excuse", this is equivalent to ME being able to sue my patient for my own malpractice-after all, the patient should have known better, right?

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