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I greatly dislike most of the revision to the rules but I'll get in to that some other time if at all. I've stated before that simply not having posts in the marketplace count toward post count may help eliminate some problems. Any reasons that can't happen?

I kind of take it like this, when life hands you lemons make lemonade. I hate wading thru 7+ pages of mostly pm sent and shills a day and few actual new posts of new guns and ammo for sale but while people are doing that I am busy looking for deals.

I think many do not have the time or energy to wade thru all the shilling and such and when you combine that with things like guns and ammo being in more remote areas and/or in poorly written sale posts jumbled together thats where I find the better deals first sometimes.

So keep it up with the shills and pm/offer sents, thanks for the help at times

Also I was wondering when the new rule revisions will be announced on the actual sale forums? Why is a mod continuing to bump the sticky thread asking new members to follow the now old rules which many never followed in the first place?

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