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Originally Posted by Audredger View Post
The three most valuable things are weighed in the Troy ounce.... Gun Powder, Drugs & Gold
Umm, no. Gun powder has always been weighed (at least in the 20th century) in avoirdupois weights. 16 ounces a pound, 16 drams an ounce and 437.5 grains an ounce, for 7000 grains

Gold is measure in Troy units (which would be 5760 grains, so he would still have been swindled). 12 ounces a pound, 20 pennyweights an ounce, 24 grains a pennyweight.

But drugs are measured in apothecary units (well metric now). One pound is 12 ounces, but 8 drams (or drachm) an ounce and 3 scruples a dram, a scruple is 20 grains. So 5760 grains, but a different system. (This is the US apothecary units, the UK changed from the wine gallon to the imperial gallon in 1824, screwing everything up...20 ounces a pint and such)

Only grains are a common measure
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