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Don't worry BHO will fix that too, then you won't be able to toot your horn

Originally Posted by rm1911 View Post
I am new to calguns. great site. been getting back into shooting/reloading after some years busy with other things. anyways...

I teach economics in high school and used to in college. yes, there are teachers out there who are so fervently pro-2nd that feel if you support banning bazookas you're a fascist motherf***er. and legal would include that which I can tow behind my car.

my NRA sticker is proudly displayed on my car in the staff lot. thank you very much. that being said -

I am a little upset to hear people carping about "price gouging". c'mon guys, do you believe in liberty or not? here's the thing, cf. Hayek, Block, et al. And by the way, Walter Block, who has written extensively on price gouging, is as libertarian/anti-state as you can get.

Prices serve a most vital function in a society/economy. They simply reflect current market conditions. At this moment in time, demand for guns, ammo, reloading supplies, mags, etc. clearly is far greater than the supply. So prices rise. It's called a shortage. Prices send signals to consumers and producers. And they regulate market activity. There is no such thing as a just or fair price, and that's been fully well explained since the Scholastics in Salamanca, Spain.

When you restrict price movements you cause market distortions (look no further than the disastrous fed policy with interest rates and the housing collapse) which only make things worse. In fact, the "price gouger" serves a vital purpose.

For example, during a natural disaster, the price of a bottle of water ought to rise to many times its original price. This serves the vital function of rationing. Thus, there is no hoarding. Rather than the first in line buying all the water due to the restricted price (per anti-gouging laws) and the rest going without water, purchasers only buy what they need. Price gouging serves the more vital function of insuring more have water. If you don't think this is so, see the chaos in the aftermath of the storm in New York. In addition, the vendor might not sell at a higher price, but the purchaser surely will. How many of the new AR purchasers, if the price was restricted, wouldn't turn around and sell it for 5x the price as soon it was freed from jail?

In times such as these, "price gouging" also serves the function of spurring faster and greater increases in production. Why on earth would a producer act with any greater haste knowing they cannot sell at higher prices. Profits spur production, it's that simple.

Prices also reflect the future expectations of both buyer and seller. If you believe they're going to ban your mags or guns, then suddenly the PRESENT VALUE of the item grows exponentially, and prices rise to reflect that. It's also why gas prices rise so fast following (fill in the blank event) that interrupts future gas shipments. That gas in your underground storage suddenly is more valuable, plus replacing it is going to be far more costly, and in order to refill it, you'll pay more in the future, so you need more to cover that - TODAY.

It's also why prices fall much slower as the even though the supply catches up, it did so at a much higher cost.

What happened? Well, Hayek described it rather well, and it's called time preference. Most of the current firearms customers (pre-frenzy) were more future oriented towards their purchases. Events quickly turned many rapidly and overwhelmingly towards the present. This serves to only increase present values and discount future values. I haven't checked lately but I'd wager that prices for a Model 70 30-06 or a S&W .357 haven't moved all that much. It's not all guns, all ammo. .223 has vanished, but I'd bet I could go to WM or Big5 and find .270. I'll go tomorrow and double check

We can be sure those that support price controls are no friends of the 2nd amendment. I'm sure anti-gouging laws will not apply to firearms. And let's all be thankful for that. It's the surest guarantee that we'll get more of things we need, and quicker too.

I'll admit, I've got powder, primers, mags, and a few other things well stocked up since from the clintonista regime. Yeah, I go back a ways.

But before we criticize those for simply doing what they ought to do during this crisis, remember those who we ought to "punish". We need to remember those that caved to political pressure and stopped selling ammo, etc. In fact, rather than criticize the "gouger", we all ought to thank him/her for performing the vital service of responding correctly to market conditions, and sending the right signals to both producer and consumer. It is only because of the "gouger" that we'll sooner find those items again that we need and want.

Sorry for running long. Hope this helps...

and doesn't get me banned
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