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Originally Posted by olhunter View Post
So be the person that buys from the vendors and not the flippers.

Should everyone that bought gold at $300oz sell if for that just to be 'fair' to fellow CG'ers?

NOBODY can be gouged unless they let themselves be GOUGED.

And it's not gouging anyway, as has been said about a billion times.
I do when I can, and refuse to buy from the flippers. However people are buying retailers out of stock for the sole purpose of reselling amongst the craze. I would argue that they are running a business at that point.

Also I don't agree with your comparison of comparing a market priced commodity to current conditions. The market price of gold based on supply and demand conditions. But I would be curious to go back and see how many individuals here calling for free markets, were doing so when gas was $5 a gallon.
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