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A few of my loads I've shot recently.

Loads with not too much trouble are:
43.0 RE-15 W/ 168 A-MAX in R/P cases without much galling.
40.0 AR-COMP W/ 168 A-MAX is pretty accurate.
43.0 AR-COMP W/ 155 Nosler OTM
42.0 Radway Green 4895 W/168 Nosler OTM
43.0 XMR 4064 W/ 168 A MAX
42.0 H-335 W/ Hornady 168 OTM

Loads that stretched primer pockets:
42.0 AR-COMP W/168 A MAX
43.0 8208 XBR W/168 Hornady OTM
42.0 8208 XBR W/ 178 A MAX
46.0 CFE 223 W/175 Nosler OTM

If I keep the loads down 2-3 grains less than I use in my bolt guns, the SR-25 shoots fairly well. This rifle has a tight match chamber. When It was new, it blew primers with Federal 168 GMM. It got a little better over time, but stills beats the brass with the GMM.

Your load of 41.0 of IMR 4895 should not be too hot. Give the chamber a good scrubbing for caked up carbon. You can use a 50 cal. bronze brush for a chamber brush with a good carbon cutter.

I seat my bullets to about 2.780"- 2.8" for reliable feeding from the magazine.

You can look into the Tubbs Carrier Weight System, it's not too expensive, it might help. It has two weights. I use the heavy weight.

It fits into the open hole in the rear of the carrier. I don't know if it will fit your DPMS, you can give them a call and ask. I'd figure out what you've got going on first.
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