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Default Overpressure question

I have been reloading for a while now, but I have a new rifle that is giving me fits...DPMS LR308. I ran 20 cheap Federal factory loads through it and the primers were flattened...I chalked it up to cheap loads...I have since started reloading the .308. I with an average of minimums from Lyman, Hornady,& Hogdons just to be safe. I also used the longest COAL between the three manuals.The primers were again flattened and a few were pierced. I went to 75% of max load on the rather conservative Lyman manual and still blown or flattened primers....I am using IMR4895 with 168gr Hornady Match, OAL=2.80, case trimmed to 2.008. What could it be? I already made sure I wasn't crimping to eliminate variables.I also make sure neck tension/thickness is consistent between batches... I'm at a loss...the only other thing is maybe crap primers? I am using Winchester WLR, but I also pulled from another stash of same make primers....maybe try on with a harder cup?.....could it be the chamber in the gun?....I'm at a loss....I have loaded a ton .223, 270, & 30-06 and have never run into this before....
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