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Default Brass Catchers that Really Work

I went to (insert name of favorite indoor rifle range in North Orange County) yesterday to try out some UltraMax 55gr FMJ i picked up in Virginia and sent home. As always the RSO was busy sweeping up brass as fast as it hit the floor. Brass is as scarce as primers, bullets, and powder so I have a vested interest in holding onto it if reasonably possible. Anyway to avoid being hassled over picking up my brass I bought a UTG Deluxe Brass Catcher for my Sport from Midway and after a few minor adjustments it worked great with no failures to eject and caught 100% of my brass!

If you reload this is defiantly worth a look. The UltraMax functioned 100% and easily grouped into 1" at 25 yards. Unlike a Mini-14 I owned in the past the heavy barrel of the S&W Sport can get blazing hot with the POI not wondering.


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