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Originally Posted by Jyruiz View Post
Wow, just wow!!
I've been following that, and I'm not sure what to think. There is so much strange tv footage that one can't rationally explain. I'm not saying that a mass shooting can be rationally explained, but after living for almost 34 years, and having a college degree at a major University... I'm not dumb. Arrogant yes, stubborn yes, but not dumb or ignorant.

Maybe they authorized actors because the families were too distraught to appear on camera. Maybe the gov staged it. Maybe the gov did it. Maybe it was as it happened. How are you going the convince anyone who is set on their ways. You need to have clear indisputable evidence that the masses will accept as true. Just because the evidence is out there doesn't mean that anyone will listen or care either. So frustrating. It would take hacking groups like anonymous at this point to help show the government had anything to do with it.

Btw I have 2 crosman 22xx air rifles. Both are 10 shot magazine with hpa and can be filled to 1800psi from a scuba tank. One shoots .22 pellets at 800fps, the other 1000-1200fps. Are they going to require my magazine is less then 10 shots and I can't fill up past 200 psi air now because the kid from El Dorado Hills, CA [] was accidentally shot with a pump air rifle? Maybe they outlaw all bb guns that aren't airsoft for now... until someone loses an eye from an orange pellet.
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