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Originally Posted by ccwtrainer View Post
For Sac County and most others, the course of fire is determined by the instructor. Amador County and a few others mandate a specific course of fire and even a specific target. Here's the course of fire that I use, unless the issuing agency mandates a specific one:
15 yards - 6 rounds, reload, then 6 more rounds
7 yards - 6 rounds, reload, then 6 more rounds
3 yards - 6 rounds, reload, then 6 more rounds

Your reload can either be an emergency or tactical reload, either is perfectly fine.
All shooting is performed standing, strong side, two handed, and drawn from the holster.
You must achieve at least 85% of your shots (31 out of 36 or 26 out of 30) in the large center thoracic cavity on a TQ-15 target.
If using a 5-shot firearm, you only need to shoot 5 rounds, reload, then 5 more rounds at each distance.
After everyone has qualified, we usually get to practice a bunch more shooting positions, rapid fire, multiple target, shooting while moving drills and more!! Much thanks is given to the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center for allowing the facilities for us to train the way we would need to shoot in a defensive situation.
This was the same course of fire for my PC 832 class... and was what I shot in Wes's class. There was a student in my class that had a different course of fire that was mandated by his County Sheriff... but that was made to work. And I can testify to the shooting "free time" after everyone has qualified. We got to do a lot more than just stand there and shoot. Sac Valley is a great facility and allows Wes to do that extra training. That was talked about in my PC 832 class, but because of the range construction, we couldn't do a lot of that stuff.

If you take one of Wes's classes, definitely stick around for the "extra curricular" shooting after qualification. You'll find it fun, informative, instructive, and fun.
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