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Originally Posted by pepsi2451 View Post
Its easy up here in Del Norte County. I just renewed last month and I shot from I think 5, 7, and 10 yards. Fired 50 rounds total, he didn't care what gun I used as long as I fired at least 1 mag from each.

We started at 10 yards and he told me to take as much time as I wanted. I fired 1 mag from each gun at 10 yards.

Then we moved up and he had me draw and fire quickly from the holster. He said go, then I was supposed to draw and fire 2-5 rounds as quickly as possible. When I got my permit 2 years ago I just fired from low ready and didn't use a holster.

We shot at a round target that was probably around 12" he didn't keep score or anything. I think he mainly wanted to make sure I was comfortable and handling the gun safely since I shot pretty poor when I first got my permit (I shoot a lot better since I started shooting my handguns more).

The best part is the guy doing the test is really cool. I called him and was able to do the test the same day and he only charged me $20. We did the written stuff at his dining room table and shot behind his neighbors house.

Funny story when we were shooting someone started yelling at us from up on the hill (not the direction we were shooting). We stopped to see what he wanted and it was a cop yelling at us to move to the front of the truck.

So I holstered my p226 and we walked to the front of the truck where he could see us. He said we scared the s*** out of him and it sounded like we were shooting over the road when he drove by. We of course weren't shooting anywhere near the road, we where shooting into a huge backstop from 10 yards.

He was fine once he realized we were being safe but he did say if he gets any noise complaints he will have to shut us down. My instructor told him that he did the CCW permits for the sheriff and he qualified people there all the time but the cop just kept saying if he gets any complaints he will have to shut us down.
Good story. I woked up there in 1991. It was wild. No backup a lot of the time. I also took patients from Pelican Bay to the only ER in Cresent City.
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