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Here's CSTA's course of fire in Sacramento:

Note: this is primarily a BSIS course of fire for armed security guards, but they lump all the CCW'ers in there as well... you'll be amazed at how inexperienced the majority of the guard class is with a firearm, and also remember to bring your own decent quality FULL wrap-around eye protection if you qualify at Mangan in Sacramento. Trust me, you'll thank me later for that tip other than that, CSTA is the cheapest place in Sac to get your 16 hours & qualify plus they give you free ammo for the first gun! Ken has an interesting sense of humor, and he's a decent instructor too.

Stage 1: 15 yards, 6 rounds in 30 seconds.

Stage 2: 7 yards, 14 rounds in 45 seconds with a reload (6 standing / 8 kneeling)

Stage 3: 7 yards, 12 rounds unsupported (one-handed) in 25 seconds with a reload (6/6)

Stage 4: 7 yards, 6 rounds in 10 seconds.

Stage 5 (x2): 5 yards, 3 rounds in 4 seconds.

Stage 6 (x3): 3 yards, 2 rounds in 3 seconds.

All stages begin with a holstered weapon (open) and you don't re-holster until the RO gives the decock/weapon safe/holster command otherwise you'll get yelled at, haha. Hope that helps =)

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