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Default Yes but....

Originally Posted by 1320 View Post
steel would be so heavy you won't be able to lift it with 1 hand plus no bullet proof viewing glass.

life does involves risk but if armed robber get into you house and you are not prepared it could mean life and death.
....a bullet proof shield isn't preparing. Even if you had what you seek you would loose precious time pulling it out and whatever counter measures you need to take.

Honestly, what you are asking for is a bit far fetched. I believe most home invasions involve handguns or something other then a high powered weapon. The probability of you needing to defeat a high powered weapon in a home invasion is low. With that being the case, you could probably achieve what you are trying to achieve with a level III or IV bulletproof vest. Again, no hassle trying to acquire restricted materials. lighter & easier to handle. Your defensive weapon can be attached to your vest for an easy transition into defending your family.
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