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Originally Posted by BenHa View Post
Super interested
The number one reason shots are missed is wrong ranging then wind

The ACSS is not just another reticle it deals with the reality of a shot.

In CQB mode the large horseshoe allows you to be on target fast and if the target is moving have the proper lead.

In medium range ranging your target is as easy as placing it in the right bracket in live situations there is no time to mil and use a calculator to determine range and then turn knobs with ACSS all the math and knob turning has been done.
The process is simple range, hold for wind and engage. In testing it has proven far more effective then other $2000 dollar optics. Shooting at a stationary target is one thing and live situations is a whole other. The reality is multiple targets at unknown distances with limited exposure and moving!

Dimitri Mikroulis
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