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Originally Posted by billped View Post
Lots of unanswered questions, including:
* Can a non-CA resident bring in ammo to CA as they drive between bordering states, like OR and AZ?
* Can a CA resident bring (for example) 1000 rounds to NV and bring it back? Does the person require evidence of the prior exportation? If so, would a receipt help?
* Is the CA resident "drive it across the border" restriction still in the law or not? I've seen both yes and no.
* As asked in the previous post, can two CA residents swap ammo? I have commie ammo I'd love to trade for 5.56 and 9mm, for example.

I'm sure there are many others.
I don't think there's anything specifically about a non-californian importing ammo being exempt to Ca law.

A Ca resident can bring back a limited amount of Ca purchased ammo, I think it's 50 rounds.

Swapping is transfer and all transfers, with very limited family exemptions, have to be done through an authorized dealer.

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