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Originally Posted by m_freeman View Post
In the Kommunist State of the PRK you need to call local police before removing the gun from home. You will need all papers, insurance documentation for gun, ammo registration and count documentation, transportation license, ammo transportation license, seperate lock boxes for gun and ammo, Doctors medical clearance to possess gun, doctors clearance to possess ammo, doctors clearance to transport both, social worker clearance for all the above as well. You will also need a last minute clearance from local PD which documents all the above and your travel route and additional clearances stated below-- you may not make any stops enroute to range. In order to get the last minute PD clearence you must provide a notarized certification you owe NO traffic fines, library fines, DMV fees, back child support and all permits and licenses issued by any gov't authority in PRK is in good standing ie contractors, barbers or window washing license and documentation you use the appropriate recycling behaviors with your household waste.There is a 30 day notification period to local PD for final clearance, all apps must be applied for 30 days prior to planned range events. Local PD is not required to respond to or shall issue final permit, you will not know if denied until final 30th day. If you have ever been documented by the authorities of having supporting right to life, voted against gay marriage, verbalized complaints about the negative impact of illegal immigration, are a military veteran or former boy scout, ever been documented as criticizing any authority, unemployed, self employed, visited a marriage counselor or clergy, collect firearms, attend gunshows, hunt varmints or show an interest in taxidermy all of these must be cleared by local PD as well. However, if you are in this country illegally you are exempt from all the above, as law enforcement has been directed to not "waste time on enforcing immigration laws". So by practice if you are illegally in this country you can do what you want in this regard.
Well done, sir. Sad, but coming, it seems some days.
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