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So I completely forgot about this thread last week when I bought my press at Cabelas' in Oregon. Ended up with the Lee Breech Lock Anniversary kit, so scale, powder thrower, primer feed thingy and press are all there. Picked up a Lyman 1200 tumbler since it was only $10 more than a bag of brass, and ordered the Lee Manual off Midway for $12. First round of about 100 cases have been tumbled (dusty, have to move that operation to the garage or cover it somehow), sorted, deprimed/resized, and now primed as of last night. Interesting how different the various brands of brass feel (I have about 45 each of S&B and Magtech) during each step. The S&B seem thinner, and were notably harder to resize since I'm assuming they stretched more when fired. They were also more difficult to seat the new primers, and three of them actually went in crooked and got bent.

The press is not mounted as securely as I like, so that may have something to do with it. I have an 8x8" piece of 3/8" aluminum plate that will be drilled and tapped for the mounting bolts, 1/4" bolts into an OSB desktop will have to suffuce.

I have a pound each of Accurate #9 and Trail Boss, and a box of Hornady cast lead 240gr SWC bullets. Apparently the Hornady bullets don't like magnum velocities, and the #9 shouldn't be loaded light, so I'm going to load the first couple rounds with Trail Boss powder and get the feel for some light loads that both my gf and I can practice with easily.

Tonight will be charging the cases and setting/crimping bullets, I'm excited to finally have my first home made ammo!

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