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Default Reloading newbie questions

Getting into reloading to either a) affordably feed my .44, or b) spend the same amount of money and shoot a lot more.

I've been doing my homework, lurking here, and reading what feels like every reloading thread and site on the internet. Here's my proposed starter kit.

We've been saving all our brass for an eventual tumbler purchase, but will probably start off buying a box of Starline brass, 500 or so, to push that back a bit. I'm looking at various suppliers of plated and cast bullets, still deciding. My preference for factory ammo seems to be 240 grain bullets, I'm enjoying the Magtech SJSP's although the cases do seem to get stuck after a few dozen rounds.

Powder and primers, I don't know much yet. I've heard Hogodon H110 recommended for the magnum rounds. Open to suggestions.

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