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Default The 91/30's - Sniper and standard...

Bought an ex-sniper 91/30, it's marked correctly and has a drilled / tapped receiver (not plugged!) but had no scope, so out came the card and a faux PU scope and mount.. Yeah, the scope is green but that's all they had in stock (I bought a damn black one!!)

It's bashful...

Hi there!

Right side of the Scope:

Left side with mount:

What you see (let's just pretend there's a Nazi there...)

ONe more post...
Alot isn't a word and allot isn't the word you think it is.

I'd really like a Colt 1903 frame, bad finish okay!
I'm also looking for a good deal on a 1911 frame or two for budget/spare parts builds.
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