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Originally Posted by Atlantaboi2012 View Post
This policy change is this.Basically, ANYTHING on your record that has something to do with any kind of physical violence must have deposition or else there will be a delay. All they care about is making sure you have no record of domestic violence. If you have any offenses,Id recommend you have them expunged as soon as possible even if its something you did as a juvenile. ALSO, if you have state license issues, such as suspensions or revokes, your DROS will also be delayed. This policy affects alot of people because before there wasnt an issue and now it is. The real downside is if they do uncover something that prevents you from buying a firearm, it could also affect you being able to keep the ones you already have. i advise you make sure your records are clean and if not, hire a lawyer for further actions. Owning guns are an investment and Im sure we all want to protect it.
This is interesting. Now, non-prohibiting violations may become prohibiting ones!! How, and under what authority, did that happen?

You sound like an informed individual. Mind if I ask where this information is coming from?

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