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Just got off the phone with DOJ regarding a delay on a customer of mine. They called me yesterday afternoon (day 9) and put a delay on the customers DROS. After the customer called them back they told him that it was something to do with his citizenship. He advised them he has been a full citizen since 1996 (org born in Mexico).

Today when I called DOJ they said it looks like every thing is good to go and has been resolved however they now have to wait for an e-mail from whom ever to change everything in their computer system and to expect an additional delay of 14-100+ days.

Apparently the DOJ told my customer that it was my screw up and that I didn't mark the correct boxes showing citizenship however when I reviewed his DROS form everything matches (citizenship shows C rather than F)..... this being my 1st Delay I've got to thank DOJ for their "wonderful" customer service lol
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