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Originally Posted by Samuelx View Post
I don't know the criminal history of the suspects but I'm willing to bet the farm that this wasn't their first criminal rodeo. Food for thought - scumbags can't commit more crimes if they're Dead. If you don't want to kill them, at least make it difficult for them by cutting off their hands.
Also,,,, My idea to make society a little better: Demand politicians:

1) Bring back 3-strikes
2) Clear out death row and get those needles ready.
3) Bring back the gas chamber (to expedite the “clearing out” of death row
4) Make dope possession a felony again
5) Build more prisons and youth authority “prisons”
6) Lower the petty theft threshold to anything UNDER $200;
7) Make every state a “shall issue” for the citizens
8) Arm teachers
9) Allow Semi auto rifle possession to be unrestricted for the law abiding
7) Pass laws to punitively punish Judges for being soft on dangerous criminals
8) Pass a law that allows citizens the right to sue politicians who pass laws that infringe on our rights.
9) Criminalize violent ANTIFA and BLM membership with 5 years minimum prison time for the first offense.
10) Immediately toss out ALL politicians who have currently served more than 8 years in office. Period. (Why is Schumer, Nadler, Jackson-Lee and Pelosi still in office after 20-30 years???)

Basically, bring back a return to the “tough on crime” mentality to America and fire the Democrats.

That would solve nearly everything.

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