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Originally Posted by RozaShanina View Post
It is meant to be a parody of those on this forum who seem to believe that if you disagree with them politically then you must not be a gun owner.
OK, I can agree with that.
Heavens no, I did not miss the last election. Did you think that this was January?
No, but it did not sound like you were limiting you comments to what could possibly happen in the next couple or weeks.
I believe that "shall not be infringed" means just that and that includes bump stocks.
Not sure that bump stocks are protected by the 2A but I do agree that "shall not be infringed" means just that.
I am frankly amazed at the number of people on here who are happily passing around the lube because there is an R in the White House. I thought this was a gun rights forum not a Republican convention.
It is a gun rights forum and although I am registered as a Republican and support Trump, there are some issues that the Republicans support that I do not support (I am profoundly pro choice). I do not have to agree with everything that Trump does to support him. Just think how much worse it would be if HRC had been elected. On this basis, I can give Trump a fair amount of latitude.
As far as the bump stock issue goes, I think that he screwed up and maybe he is not quite as smart as I thought he was. But this is not enough for me to stop supporting him because the other options are more than I could stomach.
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