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Default Helpless!!

I see it everyday in my job... People become more helpless and reliant on the services of the govt. In a way, some sides of our govt. want this. This way, they can control us because we are utterly dependent on them.

Being prepared, self reliant, and having the proper mindset (as well as training) will keep some of us from having to bend to govt. pressure, or at least try and escape it to some place less likely to have it (stay away from urban areas). But some of us are not so lucky.

I have studied the rise and falls of civilizations throughout my formal and informal education and there is some common themes in many of them.

Govt. corruption, large population centers that are dependent on such govt., The break down of law, the inability to enforce law, or people's willingness to follow law. People not having some belief system to fall back on for hope if the system they believe them, fails them... etc.

Our society is delicate, in many ways, ignorant, unprepared, too reliant on technology, too reliant on others for our basic needs. At least here in these forums as well as many others there are people thinking about what they would do in these situations. At least we have the means/will to survive.

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