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Originally Posted by Gray Peterson View Post
Why would you want to have knowledge of the gun free school zones in Sacramento County? You know that PC12050 licenses, regardless of the restrictions, exempt you from 626.9, correct?
It would be very polite harassment of the issuing authority. If they tell me that I can't go into the GFSZ's, then they can at least tell me where they are. If they won't tell me where they are and get me a map with that information then I'd politely ask them to put it into writing that they wouldn't give me the information required to follow that restriction.

Also, there is a distinction which must be made. The Sheriff is not saying that they will be prosecuted for straying into a GFSZ, he is saying that the CCW license will be revoked. I believe the sheriff can revoke the license. I may have legal recourse if they revoke my license, but until Sykes, Peruta, Peterson, and/or maybe even Rothery are settled I'm not so sure that I'd do all that well in court.

Fortunately, my sheriff doesn't put that particular kind of restriction on the license. (Issues about unregistered firearms but not about locations of carry).