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Originally Posted by GSequoia View Post
Yes, sticky for sure!
Recoil on any 12-gauge, while far from horrible, is far greater than a .308, let alone a 5.56 or 7.62×39, and many shooters, men and women (whether those shooters will admit it or not) are incredibly intimidated by the perceived recoil of the “mighty twelve.” I’ve watched grown men, weighing far more than my 210 pounds, who were physically much stronger, clench up in anticipation of the recoil in an 870 or 500. As any moderately good marksmanship instructor will gladly inform you, anticipating recoil this way is a sure way to shoot like ****. The idea that a shotgun is simpler to operate than a fighting rifle or carbine is, to put it simply, wrong. Anyone who argues otherwise either A) does not know how to run a fighting rifle properly, or B) has not actually thought about what they’re preaching in a rational manner.

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