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Originally Posted by xSoCALx View Post
I'm loving the new cleaner bend! I just placed my 3rd order (4th set). How many sets do you have left?
We have an indefinite number of plates left. We just ordered more then 10,000 lbs of material! With our new dies, we are getting caught up quickly! Thanks!!

Originally Posted by scottschoe View Post
Glad to hear orders are on schedule. Thanks for the update.
I said since day one it was our goal to keep everyone posted. If something pops up or if something changes, my customers will promptly be informed.

Originally Posted by FoxTrot87 View Post
wait wait wait....

So I get a front/back plates Flat or Formed and have the option of Flat/formed side plates 6x6 or 6x8?

I.E. I can get total coverage for $250? instead of a single 10x12 SAPI Plate.
Correct! Our plates are the most competitive, and effective on the market. Our pricing strategy and out YouTube testing videos prove we have the BEST AR500 Omega Armor (and actual "Omega" armor) on the market!
For FASTEST RESPONSE times to questions, please EMAIL US :

Be sure to visit our site for UNBEATABLE pricing on AR500 Targets and Ballistic Body Armor!

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