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Originally Posted by beanz2 View Post
Two questions, please. I have been practicing a lot of dry fires with my handgun at home when I noticed lately I can stuff 11 snap caps in a few of the magazines that were blocked to 10 rounds. The magazines were blocked by the shop I bought the gun from and I had never been able to put more than 10 rounds when they were new. Are they legal to keep? Or do I need to destroy them? They are way past warranty if there was ever one.

Second question, if I change the caliber of my AR rifle from 5.56 to 7.62x39, can I rebuild my 5.56 magazines into 7.62x39 magazines if I can reuse the spring and baseplate?

Thanks for the replies in advance.
There's nothing illegal about owning that magazine, and there's nothing illegal about purchasing such magazines either. So if there was some sort of error, or the parts are worn, there's nothing illegal going on.

Now, if you modified them to accept more than 10, or you did some voodoo magic, then there might be an issue. Now, if you're using a mag that holds 11 rounds in a BB'd rifle, then that's a no-no, even if you did buy them as 10 rounders.

You can rebuild 10 rounds magazines into any other caliber. You just can't rebuild a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds into a magazine of another caliber that holds more than 10 rounds. Any magazines that you own which hold more than 10 rounds can only be rebuilt to accept the same caliber and work in the original gun.
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