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Originally Posted by Cuey View Post
I'm Fed LEO and it most assuredly would knock you out a minimum of 5 years, ESP my agency. Don't give up though, thoughts on this are changing and if you can back up your claims on a poly you might be okay in a smaller department getting your foot in the door.

God speed, C.
Thank you for the encouragment

Originally Posted by d4v0s View Post
Ventura pd only asks if you have smoked in the last year. Dated a girl trying to become a cop and she used to joke about having to apply in another year after we partied hard.

Sold her crotch rocket, married an oil field worker that beats her, and pops a new kid out every year or so. Pot does weird things to you.

Also, every cop/sheriff I know smoked. Thats only like 8 people. But its not a disqualifier. Be honest and if you have kicked the stuff then good.
Like i said, it really wasnt my thing. the crap made me have anxiety and all kinds of crazy crap. I was in with the wrong crowd and it was the "cool" thing to do. I realized how stupid it was, got my crap together and clearly do not socialize with those idiots anymore, most of them ended up moving onto other drugs, a few OD'd on stuff, and some are in jail. I got into college, found my true friends, and met a girl who changed me for the better, and here i am today.