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Default Addax/CGF Group Buy ( CLOSED - NO NEW ORDERS )

Updated on 1/4/12 from Addax's post 419 HERE.

Special thanks to CGF for permission to use their awesome logo.
Every lower purchased donates $10 to the Calguns Foundation.

No whining/complaining.
All of the details for this buy are included in this message.
By placing an order, you are agreeing to all of the details in this message.

Buyers must be 21 years or older in order to purchase the stripped lower.
Members 18-20 wanting to participate can, but would need to purchase a full rifle with upper. Please contact for more details.

Provide the necessary information listed below under 'YOUR NEXT STEPS' via PM to Kaligaran: 11/03/12.
Payment must be received by Addax: 11/07/12

Addax has the capacity to fulfill up to 300 lowers for this group buy. Lowers are sold on a first-come first serve basis.

  • Stripped AR15 lower receiver manufactured by Addax Tactical
  • Laser engraved slightly modified CalGuns Foundation logo (laser engraved onto the black anodizing so the logo stands out in sliver - see images below for actual lower design)
  • 7075-T6 High Quality Forging
  • Precision machined to military specs
  • Caliber Marking: MULTI
  • Mil-spec typeIII hard anodized finish

The engraving process:

Other Markings engraving template for CGF Group Buy Lower (these will be machined engraved, then Anodized over, so these markings will be in the black).
Updated image provided on 1/4/12 from Addax's post 419 HERE.

UPDATE: From Addax's post 419 HERE.
The lowers are ESTIMATED to be completed by the end of January February 2013. After completion the lowers, we will notify members that the lowers will either be shipped out to their FFL or if you are picking up at Addax Tactical, that you can start your DROS.
This is our best guess estimate based on current market and industry conditions. For example, we are estimating 3 weeks for the hard anodizing process, but if it takes our anodizing shop 5 weeks, then this just added two weeks to the original ETA.
You will be notified at the email that you provided when the lowers are ready for pickup or when they have been shipped. (see below for shipping/pickup details)

IMPORTANT: Please do not bombard Addax Tactical via email/phone to ask for individual order status information. As a custom group buy, this does take time to anodize and engrave (engraving must be done one at a time). We will be sure to keep everyone posted on the forum thread.

The price for each lower will be $105 (Plus Tax, DROS and Shipping if shipping lower(s) to your ffl), which includes the $10 donation that will be made directly to the Calguns Foundation upon completion of this group buy.

The sales tax will be 8.75%. This tax rate will be applied to all orders.

Every lower purchased must go through the DROS process. The CA state DROS fee of $25 will be collected in person at the FFL you select. Lowers must also go through the state's 10 day wait process.
If picking up at Addax, store policy is 5 firearms per DROS, so if purchasing 6+ lowers, then you will need two DROS forms.

Personalized custom engraving on the lower receiver (other side of mag well where there is open space for custom / personalized logo’s) is available from Addax and will be discounted for participants of this group buy. Custom engraving is going to be done seperately than this group buy. You will need to follow the group buy ordering details in this post. Then in a few weeks you will need to discuss your request and details with the Addax engraving service for pricing.

Do NOT send payment till you have received your confirmation PM response with your total. Money order or cashier's check ONLY.
Cash accepted in person at Addax's retail location only.
Payment must be received IN FULL by Addax by the deadline date at the following address:
Addax Tactical
1431 Truman Street
Unit E
San Fernando, CA 91340

You may pick up your order when ready at Addax or you may ship to the FFL of your choice. FFLs offering discounts included in the FAQs of this thread.
The FFL must be a current 01 (Retail Dealer FFL License) or 07 FFL (Manufacturer / Dealer FFL License).

Flat Rate Shipping to member's FFL
1 lower receiver: $8.00 without insurance. With Insurance is $15.00.
2-3 lower receivers: $16.00 without insurance. With Insurance is $30.00
4-6 lower receivers: $35.00 without insurance. With Insurance is $55.00
7+ lower receivers: TBD.
Out of state deliveries: TBD.
Insurance will cover damage, theft, loss, during shipping. It will not cover damage, theft or loss after the lower receiver / package is signed for and received. If the receiving FFL dealer notices serious damage to the box from shipping, it is up to them to have the delivery person note this, and the dealer should inspect the items of the box with the driver present.

In order to secure your lower(s), you must PM Kaligaran with ALL of the following information. This information will not be published and is only collected for coordination of this group buy and will be provided to Addax for ordering.
Partial order information will be discarded.
Please COPY/PASTE this section and use it as the template for your response.
  • Name:
  • Phone number:
  • Email:
  • Quantity of lowers desired:
  • Shipping/pickup information:
  • If picking up from Addax in San Fernando, please specify here and skip the rest of the shipping information
  • FFL name:
  • FFL phone number:
  • FFL address:
  • Insurance desired (see shipping costs section for pricing): (yes/no)
  • Engraving (yes/no): NOTE: if engraving you will pay for this seperately AFTER you have discussed it with the engraver.

You will receive a confirmation PM within 3 business days from Kaligaran. That confirmation will verify your lowers are reserved and include your total order price.
You will also receive an official invoice from Addax within 5 business days of payment receipt that will include your order number.
Make sure to check your spam filter/folder if you have not received this confirmaiton within 10 business days.
Note that the order price will not include the DROS and transfer fees if picking up from an FFL other than Addax.

No Cancellations or Refunds no matter what the situation since this is a custom run of lower receivers. By placing an order in this Group Buy you understand and acknowledge this policy.

When the group buy has completed, we will be making an announcement detailing the donation and the Calguners involved (by Calguns forum name - not real name).

We will be sure to update the group buy forum thread every couple of weeks. Please keep in mind that this is a custom order which does take time.
Please keep in mind the ETA dates provided above. Individual order status update requests will not be provided.

Q: Can I request a specific serial number?
A: No.
Q: If I order multiple lowers, will they be consecutive serial numbers?
A: Yes.
Q: Can I have the lower finished or buy an upper to go with it?
A: Additional purchases will be handled separately with Addax directly.
Q: Can I have a different logo?
A: No. Custom engraving is available (see section above).
Q: If I purchase multiple lowers, will $10 of each lower be donated.
A: Yes.
Q: Can I have a lower in a different caliber:
A: We are only doing the multi-cal 5.56/.223 lowers for this group buy.
Q: Can these lowers be converted to any other calibers?
A: There are a few conversion kits that exist. A quick google search should answer any conversion questions.
Q: Can I have my lower not anodized or in a different color.
A: No.
Q: I wanted mine not anodized or to paint it myself, can the anodizing be removed.
A: Some members have indicated that this is possible. However you should do the research on this yourself.
Q: Will I know if I signed up in time to participate?
A: You will receive a confirmation PM with a total within 3 business days.
Q: Can these lowers be built into AR pistols?
A: No, all serial numbers on these lowers are logged as long guns during the manufacturing process.
Q: Is an individual FFL acceptable for transfer?
A: As long as the individual is a current 01 (Retail Dealer FFL License) or 07 FFL (Manufacturer / Dealer FFL License). This information will be verified.
Q: Are there any FFLs willing to work with participants of this group buy?
A: The following FFLs are offering discounted rates for this group buy. Contact the FFL first before ordering. - hemit, ca - napa, ca - Manteca, ca - Lincoln, CA - Sacramento, CA - San Diego, CA
Kevin Smith - 925-229-2553 - Martinez, CA - Santa Cruz/ Monterey or San Jose bay area!calguns-transfers/cd1n - Lincoln, CA - Corona, CA
Lokey Firearms - 408-778-7800 - Morgan Hill, CA - San Jose, CA
Addax - San Fernando, CA
Q: I read all of this message and still have questions.
A: Feel free to contact us.

NOTE: Kaligaran is not an employee of Addax Tactical. Just a fellow Calgunner wanting to raise money for CGF and volunteered to coordinate this group buy and act as mediary for the orders.
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