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Originally Posted by Ron-Solo View Post
Bobby, the wheel guns were Model 15's in blue steel and Model 67's in stainless just before the Beretta Conversion.

The Beretta's came from the factory with two magazines, and the county bought the third one to issue.

I never had an issue with the Ithica, and I deployed it many times, including one firefight against three armed suspects. One had an AK and got off the first shot.
Thanks for that info Ron. For me, never having yet been on that proverbial 2 way firing range, I'll take your endorsement of the Ithaca as gospel! I'd still love to have gotten one of those wheelguns, especially if it was stamped with LASD on the side. From what gather from old videos, it seems some Deps upgraded to 686's, often with 6" barrels. Having 18 rounds total on your person sure would encourage good marksmanship and ammo conservation. I know a lot of people that are fans of the Ithaca, and I'm sure that old warhorse has saved many a coppers hide in action, I just never personally liked them. We used them in the academy and there were still a few left in the station armory. In fact my FTO specifically instructed me to set up the car with the Ithaca, not the 870.
Thanks for your insight and input.

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