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Originally Posted by SoCalDep View Post
Yea...It's history. You'll need to save some extra bucks for an Ithaca 37 too.
As much as I want an Ithaca, its probably not gonna happen. They are still having a hard time locating all of them. And apparently, they can't begin to sell them until they are all accounted for.

Originally Posted by E Pluribus Unum View Post
During Y2K my neighbor and I were talking and he said he had a basement full of water and canned food. He asked if I had stocked up and I said that I had. I told him I bought a 12 guage shotgun, a .308 rifle and several bricks of .22 ammo.

He is an anti-gun guy and he said. "Well, you can't eat ammunition". I replied with "When I'm starving to death with a case of ammunition, who's door do you think I am going to knock on?"
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