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Here's a thought. Is it possible to tear up the bottom of the cup so that it doesn't make proper contact while cleaning the pocket or swaging?

Moderation is not my strong point so I'm sure I've gouged here and there with my tools. I never thought about it possibly affecting ignition.

Sorry, I ended up at Target instead of the range today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get out there and test my newly seated primers, and tear down the misfires to see if the primer ignited.

Evidently Wolf SR primers and

H335 are not the greatest match in the world, but the ones I got were supposed to be hotter and fix ignition issues with H335. I'll see if I can get a keg of different powder and try that out as well.

Some guys were saying these primers are a bit shorter, and seating depth is crucial. Some say different powders work perfectly with them.

I simply don't know but appreciate the help!
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