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Originally Posted by sacto916 View Post
I would like to apply for a CCW through the Sacramento County Sheriff. I'd like to know if something from my past would exclude me from being granted a CCW.

I have an outstanding misdemeanor warrant out of Los Angeles for writing a bad check about 25-years ago. In years past I've contacted LAPD to clear the matter up and the response is always the same, turn yourself in. Unfortunately, that's not practical since I live in Sacramento now.

Every DOJ and DROS background check I have ever done has come back clean. However, with a CCW I assume the background check is more thorough.

Can someone please speak to this matter and let me know if this would be a problem with getting a CCW.

Thank you!
Dude, you're not responsible enough (or man enough) to clear up a 25 year old warrant, but you want to be considered responsible enough for a CCW? It seems to speak to your character and the issuing agency may look at it that way.

EDIT: (for the LEOs) When I applied for mine, they ran me as I was sitting in the waiting room for my interview. If he doesn't do anything and does make it to the interview, is there a chance he could be taken into custody?


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