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Default Refinishing a 10-22 receiver

I just refinished mine, but had to re-do the thing several times. The following information may be helpful to anyone endeavoring to re-finish their receiver:

First, I contacted Ruger and learned that the the factory finish is an epoxy spray paint. I glass bead-blasted the finish completely off down to the raw aluminum without incident. Then I used an aluminum "self-etching" primer (spray can which can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe's) to prime. This primer actually etches into the top layer of the aluminum , changing the surface of the metal. Once the primer set, I used a high-temp Rustoleum (Ithink that's how it's spelled) matte black spray paint. Once the paint was set, I rubbed some Break Free CLP on it to test if the paint would hold up when I had to clean the receiver. The CLP (pretty mild stuff) took the paint right off. Back to square one, I used an aerosol paint stripper (which I also purchased from Home Depot) to remove the rest of the paint and primer to start over.

I re-primed, and used a product which was referred to me by a friend, who is an armorer, called Brownell's "Aluma-hyde II" epoxy spray paint. This stuff is specially designed for aluminum and will stand up to all the solvents out there. It's tough as nails and couldn't be happier with the outcome. I was originally going to have the receiver hard anodized ($65.00), but decided to go with the above.
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