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Old or young, you should be able to pass a PT Test ANY day of the week. Failing a PT Test or "Barely" passing is an extremely poor reflection of the individual's lack of character and discipline.

It is the Soldier's responsibility to be prepared for duty by being conditioned and in shape during the period of enlistment. You VOLUNTEERED for duty and swore an oath to our Country to defend it from all enemies, Foreign & Domestic. You can't do that if you're in piss poor shape and gassed from humping your actual combat load (Live Ammo, Water, Plates, TA50). There's a reason we as Soldiers are expected to be conditioned and in shape and pass a damn simple PT Test. 219 is "Barely" passing and a Fail in my book. 219 means you'll be at the back of the pack always slowing the squad down. 219 means you'll be "that Guy" who always gets injured and can't complete a movement or march.

219 is NOT Combat Effective and is a BIGTIME NO-GO.

It kills me to see Soldiers not take their Physical Conditioning more seriously, PT should be approached positively as a lifestyle choice rather than being a hindrance. Soldiers like you are a liability, not an asset and in my opinion and should just be chaptered out of the Military.

If you don't want to PT or don't want to be "Broadsided" with PT Tests, just ask to be chaptered out. A 219 PT score is not doing you, the Unit, the Military any service or justice because it just tells me and everyone reading your post that you don't care.

BTW, I'm one of the old farts in my Unit and I smoke the young bucks in every event because I give a damn.

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