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Originally Posted by Snoopy47 View Post
What blows me away is my unit keeps on top of these tests. How does one let themselves fall apart so much from one test to the next.
That's unfortunately a symptom of the modern NG and Reserve. There are a LOT of soldiers on Reserve or Guard status who aren't prior service and pretty much only know IADT, drill and the occasional TDY. In many cases they haven't spent enough FULL time in the system to acquire the proper soldier lifestyle mindset which at the bare minimum says you need to be fit and proficient in your specialty. So they retain their civilian lifestyle and habits then attempt to conform to soldier standards on the weekends, which isn't all that demanding unless there is an APFT, ruck, qualification, etc (in other words, a test).

Most prior service soldiers have enough understanding of themselves to know when they need to focus on soldier skills because they are slipping out of the standards. Then again, I've seen prior service soldiers who don't take any of this **** seriously and just slack off, so perhaps it's as much a personal character issue?

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