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This is not necessarily the case. The CA Penal Code allows most peace officers (beginning with PC 830.1) to carry any handgun off-duty, as long as they are authorized to carry an on-duty weapon. Some agencies require their officers to qualify with their off-duty weapon, but that is just agency policy, not law. So, if you did carry an off-duty weapon without permission, in an agency that requires you to qualify with your off-duty weapon, you would be perfectly legal....but might be open to administrative action at work.
Whatever the Panal Code says, my department has a list of specific authorized firearms you can carry on or off duty. You have to be trained and qualified to carry the firearm you intended to carry. And, no matter which firearm you decide to carry, my department has specific ammunition that you can carry in the firearm whether it is 9mm, 45 or 38 Special.

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