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Originally Posted by Armed24-7 View Post
It is not important, unless the officer used a weapon which is not authorized by his/her department. If an officer were to use a weapon no authorized for use by the department, an attorney can make an issue out it in a civil case. Essentially, it coes down to a "training issue" and the officer's ability to use that weapon accurately.

My department issues only 1 type/brand/model weapon but they have a large list of weapons they authorize us to purchase on our own to use while on and/or off duty. When buying our own weapon, we just have to make sure we qualify with it.

Some law enforcement agencies penalize officers who use unauthorized weapons, especialy if you shoot someone with it. It can range from formal written reprimands, to several day suspension without pay.

There would be no legitimate reason for an officer to carry an unauthorized weapon, so I have never seen any problems relating to your question.

There are exceptions; when an officer is in/at his home and something happens where deadly force is necessary. At that point, any weapon can be used (weapon of opportunity). I have several weapons at my disposal at my home and I would not hesitate to use the closest or most effection weapon regardless. Nobody would question it.

I worked for the State of ________, and our agency only issued the 92fs. I have small paws, and also prefer 4" systems for concealment when needed.

We were allowed to qualify with the agency weapon or a Glock 19. So I bought the Glock 19, had it approved by the rangemaster, qualified with it each quarter, and carried it every day.

I NEVER worried about using an "approved" weapon vrs. what the agency buys. Approved it approved.

As others have said, it's when you carry unapproved stuff you can be in a BIG jam (not only firearms, but ammo/baton/ASP/pepper spray/rifle, etc...). When in LE, ONLY carry items you are approved and qualified for (this goes from your firearm to your pepper spray).

Off duty items carried in public also needed to be approved [i.e. if "off duty" gun is different from "on duty" gun (mine were not different-so, never an issue for me personally) ].

At home - anything goes [well not "anything" (illegal NFA, etc...) - but you get what I'm saying.]

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