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The below from the 2nd page of the CCW FAQs .pdf linked at:
Emphasis (bold, underlining, italics) are in the original.

I do NOT understand why the A to the Q continues beyond the underlined and italicized part if mere SD is truly sufficient GC.

Nonetheless, I'll edit the OP and thread title to "TIME TO APPLY!!!".


What is the minimal standard for the Good Cause Statement?

The basic principal that must be articulated is for defense of myself and my family against threats of serious injury or death from an assailant. There are numerous different ways to express this concept, but this is the basis for the “good cause” to issue a CCW. Many people understand, and should articulate, that law enforcement emergency responses may be quite extended in many areas of the county and wish to have a means to protect themselves against crimes of violence, involving a threat of great bodily injury or death, until law enforcement arrives. Many people will have other specific needs for an increased self defense ability, these should be clearly and briefly articulated (ie. owners or employees of businesses who carry large sums of money or valuable equipment; people who are required to travel or work in high crime or rural areas; people with physical impairments that would make it difficult or impossible to defend themselves or escape from an attack).
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