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Originally Posted by GearHead View Post
I read through the whole thread and didn't see this addressed...

Is it necessary to put the hole through the "C" in the follower and the rod? Couldn't you just use epoxy to hold the rod in? Or would that not provide enough support to cause it to stop every time?

just my .02 (and some redneck engineering)

I didn't have any 1/8" pins to use, but I did have some 4 penny finishing nails. I cut those into 1/2" long pieces and then used a hot nail to melt a hole in the "C". (Note: held the nail with pliers and heated it over a candle.. went through the plastic "C" like a hot knife through butter)

Held the plastic rod in place and then drilled through the melted hole, rod and the other side of the "C", popped in the pin and epoxied it all together. Worked for me since I didn't have a drill press to do it all nice and easy.

Next batch I do will probably use a little heavier gauge nail since the 4 penny seemed a little on the small side.

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