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Originally Posted by BabySig View Post
navycorpsman- I said I didn't know why she left the course. I was speculating to make the simple point that it wouldn't matter if they finish the course or not because they weren't going to be awarded the MOS. Just because she failed doesn't mean women are incapable so one example of failure shouldn't label all women as incapable. The rest is not specifically directed at anyone- Depending on whose studies you read women are better marksman than men. In my own experience I have not found this to be true but we certainly aren't inferior. At this point it is difficult to determine the "front line". I'm assuming that they poll is talking about infantry but aren't the rotary wing pilots on the front line? And the truck drivers (no jokes about truck drivers please and I wasn't one if that makes a difference)? And the FETs and the Lionesses? The female doctors and medics and corpsman in the trauma tent? You cannot tell me that women don't end up in the thick of it.
Look As I said I am speaking from experience and shooting at a paper target on a range means nothing in combat male or female. I am sharing my experience with everyone on this thread. Woman are inferior to men in certain areas just like men are inferior in others. Awarded the MOS or not it showed that they didnt make it regardless. Your right it shouldnt be judged solely on those 2 but they were prepped and ready and training for it the way they though and they didnt. I dont wanna go back and forth. Bottom line, I have seen alot more not perform and very rarely seen a gung ho badass female. I am a corpsman with Marines and work with woman ALL the time, so again I only share my experience, not speculating.
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